Choosing a Location for Your Business

choosing a location for your businessOne of the most important decisions when deciding to lease commercial space is picking the right location. Overall costs (e.g. Lease rates, NNN, parking, etc..) differ dramatically based on location, so establishing a budget and knowing the market lease rates in your desired area is a good place to start. There are many factors that go into choosing a location however those are dependent on the type of business you have and the type of space (office, retail, or warehouse) you will need.

Businesses looking to lease commercial space should consider a number of factors including image and make it convenient for your employees, clients, and strategic partners to get to and from the location. If your company services high profile clients that expect you to be in a nice building with lots of amenities then you will want to choose a commercial property and location that supports this. If you service clients that believe in conservation and green building then make sure you pick a building that is LEED certified or close to it. It’s also beneficial for you to think about where other similar businesses as yours are located and lease commercial space close to them.

It’s also important to locate your business in an area that is easy to find and get to. If you have a lot of employees who live downtown then consider locating your space there. That way they can walk to and from work or lunch, which means less time commuting and more time in the office. If you deal with a lot of children or elderly then having a downtown office may not be the best idea as it would be hard for them to park and get around.

At the end of the day when leasing commercial space there are a lot more people to think about then your self. It’s important that you also consider your employees, clients, and suppliers in a way to minimize the headaches of dealing with traffic and optimize their time.

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