Coworking Space – 5 Reasons it Might be the Best Choice for Your Business

What is Coworking?

Coworking is a new trend on the rise where entrepreneurs are creating spaces that other business professionals like freelance writers and designers, small business owners, professionals tired of the home office or corporate executives looking for a reprieve can go to conduct their business. The benefit is that it provides a place for individuals to network, brainstorm and conduct business in a quiet, more professional setting unlike the local coffee shop.

These unique and connected places around the world have increased by 400% in the last 2 years. Coworking spaces are truly collaborative communities.  Business owners can interact with creative freelancers, freelancers can brainstorm with entrepreneurs and corporate professionals seeking a break from the mundane can be inspired by creatives — all can interact, collaborate and keep the fresh ideas flowing.

Why are coworking spaces on the rise?

More people are working from home these days in fact, over 20 million Americans now work from their home offices.  Corporate America is moving to a more mobile mentality and working to shrink office space to conserve on costs and overhead expenses. Cube sizes have decreased from 500 square feet to 200 square feet leading to less space, less privacy, loss of employee productivity and overall employee dissatisfaction.  We spend over 40 hours a week at work and having a nice space to work in is paramount to keeping us productive, keeping us wanting to be at work and frankly saving our sanity.

So how do you know if a coworking space is right for you and your business?  We’ve outlined 5 top reasons to help you decide if it’s a fit.

1)      Public Spaces are proving to be a hassle

Many business professionals seek public spaces for relief from the mundane home office by popping into coffee shops or local bistros. But those locations prove to be noisy and distracting and many are starting to enforce more strict rules to oust ‘laptop hobos’. Besides, there is that innate feeling that you have to keep consuming to stay and before you know it your budget and your diet is blown. Most professionals in these types of locations have ear buds in place and aren’t really looking to connect much less brainstorm.

2)      Working ‘solo’ isn’t helping your inspiration or business growth

Whether you work at home for a larger corporation, are a start-up with just a few employees or you are an individual entrepreneur and business owner, working alone all day can be…well…lonely! It leads to lack of productivity and can keep creativity at a standstill. People are meant to function best in communities and having a professional community where you can bounce ideas off of another person or even share your business expertise can only lead to increased productivity and ultimately business growth. Plus by being in a community of other business professionals you WILL meet other potential clients and other talent that could help you with your business.

3)      Your budget doesn’t yet allow for a large office space

You’re just starting out and don’t have the funds to spend on a high lease each month.  Most coworking spaces offer options starting at just $100 per month! You’re probably spending more on your food and coffee budget.  Take a look at local options as spaces include not only a work station for you, but free Wi-Fi, use of conference room space, other equipment and at times access to administrative staff or interns.

4)      You need a more professional place to meet your clients

Even though you’re a small business owner, you have clients to service or colleagues to meet with. Meeting at restaurants can be pricey, loud and distracting. We’ve covered that challenge in point #1. Coworking spaces have private offices and conference rooms where you can have quite, uninterrupted meetings, conference calls or video conferences.  The last thing you need is a loud, bustling environment to cause any issues. With a professional space, you are relaxed, your client is relaxed and everyone wins.

5)      You want to learn something new

Most coworking spaces will host events, seminars and expert panels that appeal to their members. You’ll get an opportunity to stay on top of the business game and may even be asked to share YOUR expertise.

What’s an example space?

Posh Coworking has created an even more unique experience by creating the first and only coworking community for women in Austin, Tx. Their goal is to help professional women connect, collaborate and inspire each other. Posh Coworking provides a supportive community for entrepreneurs and freelancers, who want a space to work, connect with peers and collaborate. Members, or “poshies,” enjoy the fun relaxed atmosphere with perks that include; pretty private offices, dedicated and drop in work stations, a lounge area for collaboration, free coffee and more.

“I created Posh Coworking because I longed for a place where I could get business advice, bounce ideas around with my peers, and be inspired,” said Blossom Braemer, Founder. “Small business owners, especially women owned businesses, are solo-preneures stuck in home offices isolated from collaboration. I am so much more productive when part of a collaborative environment and that was the leading reason why I founded Posh Coworking.”

The Posh office is designed to appeal to the woman entrepreneur and offers a fun, relaxing and posh environment to do business. Blossom has kept costs extremely reasonable offering space and collaboration at a price to fit any budget. There are multiple levels of membership that allow for office space, private office space, high speed wireless internet connection, access to interns, conference room access and more perks to help business professionals be more productive.

Blossom hosted several sessions this past May during the RISE 2013 conference, an annual event helping connect and provide learning sessions for entrepreneurs. She hosts a variety of events and helpful sessions to connect members and give non-members an opportunity to experience the world of coworking.

Give it a try!

You can ‘plug in’ anywhere but isn’t it time you surrounded yourself with other like-minded professionals? Search out a coworking space in your area, go take a tour, give it a try – most give you a freebie visit – and go get connected and inspired!

Posh Coworking is owned by Blossom Braemer and is located at 3027 North Lamar in Austin, Tx. Visit Poshcoworking.com , connect on Facebook or call 512-696-1433.

If you’re looking to connect with other professionals in the Austin area to share space or just looking for your own office space to lease, contact Austin Tenant Advisors today at 512-861-0525.

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