First Time Leasing Office Space in Austin?

first time leasing austin officeAt some point in time when you own and operate a business you may need to lease office space in Austin so you and your employees can collaborate and work together. Some entrepreneurs may get in a hurry and lease an office without considering the needs of the employees.  This could cause you to make mistakes that could cost you money or lose employees who may not want to work in the location you picked.  With a little guidance in the post below you will be able to find and lease office space in Austin with no worries at all.

Give yourself time to make the best decisions:  Too many entrepreneurs and startups wait until the last minute to find suitable space in Austin.  When space is limited you have to give yourself plenty of time.   If you sign the first office lease that you see you are potentially missing out on other opportunities or spending more than you need to.  Finding the right Austin office that meets all your wants and needs takes a lot of time (more than you think) so consider hiring a commercial realtor that specializes ONLY in helping tenants and buyers find space.

Get employee feedback:  While you don’t want to give them total control it would be wise to get their input.  For one you will make them feel important knowing their input helped determine the location.  Also by engaging employees (letting them see potential sites, provide feedback, etc.) the risk of them leaving the company decreases.

Always negotiate:  Always negotiate when leasing office space in Austin!  If you wait until the last minute you give the landlord an edge, however start early then you have time to create a little competition between landlords.  If the market is tight you may not get the best lease rate so focus on other concessions such as tenant improvements.  Don’t take everything the landlord quotes you.  Spending just a little time negotiating can save you thousands.  Again, if you are not comfortable doing this on your own consider hiring a commercial realtor in Austin.

Keep your current & future needs in mind:  As hard as it is entrepreneurs, startups, and existing businesses need to forecast future space needs.  Underestimate your needs and you end up having to relocate sooner than later and in some cases you have to also sublease your old space.  If you can anticipate your growth then lease an Austin office that will accommodate that.  You will be glad that you did.  You might spend a little more on rent up front however the money & time you spend on relocating your office can easily exceed that.

Know your future landlord:  Before signing a lease and writing a checks make sure you know your landlord.  You want to make sure that they are a good landlord that takes care of their properties and quickly addresses all concerns and complaints that tenants may have.  Stop by and introduce yourself to some of the other tenants and ask them how their experience has been.

These office lease tips are only the tip of the ice berg, however if you follow them you will have a better experience in leasing Austin office space.  This is a huge decision and should not be taken lightly so if you have any doubts about doing this on your own and/or just don’t have the time consider hiring a commercial real estate agent in Austin.

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