How to Choose a Warehouse Space Location

How to Choose a Warehouse Space LocationIn today’s competitive environment it’s important for companies who lease warehouse space to do so smartly.  You must find the best warehouse locations however remain flexible enough to allow you to contract and expand as your demand in inventory goes up or down.

Think more than price

Finding a good price for warehouse space leases is important however there are many other factors that are critical for you to evaluate.

  • Location – is it close to customers, the airport, or major highways for large and small trucks to access?
  • Layout – Build out the space according to your warehouse and office space needs
  • Flow – Is it easy to get around the space?  Do you have key departments adjacent to one another?
  • Size – Does it have sufficient space to meet your current and future warehouse space needs?
  • Truck access – Is there sufficient space in the truck court for 18 wheelers and other trucks to maneuver around?
  • Storage – Do you need outdoor space to park trucks and/or equipment overnight?
  • Turn lanes – Is it easy for customers and suppliers to turn left or right in the warehouse park?  Is the warehouse located at a major traffic light?
  • Tax incentives – Some cities offer Freeport or triple Freeport tax breaks based on your inventory levels.  Find out if you qualify
  • Ceiling height – Do you plan on using racks to stack products or equipment?  How high ceilings do you need?
  • Loading area – Do 18 wheelers pick up or deliver your goods and services?  If so then you will need dock high loading.  Will you have vehicles drive into the space?  Then you need grade level

Many companies who are relocating or opening up warehouse centers in a particular (like Austin, Tx for example) turn to commercial real estate advisors to help them make the right decision.  If you are not familiar with the area, traffic patterns, major freeways, or where all of the warehouse spaces are located then hiring an agent can help ensure you make the right decision.


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