How to Maximize Small Office Space

small  space 2Are you having problems with your small office space? We all want to work in a wide-spaced environment but due to financial constraints we have to embrace our small office space. Despite this limitation, we strive to attain a productive ambiance in our workplace. Listed below are some tips that can help you manage and maximize your limited office space.

• Utilize “common areas” – The Innovations in Office Design book suggest that we should not dwell on the condition of our office space but look at the entire office as a whole.
• Reduce paper work – By minimizing the office paper work, filing cabinets and other equipment used for storage will be eliminated.
• Hold stand-up meetings – According to observations in Stegmeier Consulting Group, short stand-up meetings can produce more creative ideas compared to long meetings.
• Avoid displaying of unnecessary things in your cubicle –  Office cubicles are usually crowded with rooster magnets and statuettes. Replace this not work-related clutter with task reminders or relevant crafts.
• Use one type of wall-to-wall flooring – Choose one flooring material for the entire office. The use of hard floor tiles is discouraged because footsteps will surely echo within the walls of your office.
• Be practical in terms of using the office space – Nowadays, work stations are smaller compared to the older ones. Big desks are not necessary for this smaller work stations.
• Use LED lights – To lessen shadows, use LED spots, recessed LED lights and LED desk lamp.
• Look for innovative office design – Find innovative designs for office spaces to maximize the floor area.

• Utilize the vertical space – Since the floor area is small, you can use your walls for attached shelves or hooks for sweaters and coats.

• Go for adjustable or movable monitors.

• Name your cables in order to know which cable connects with the certain device.

We’ve got lots of office space design tips for you. You can check them out here.

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