What is Creative Office Space & Why Companies Want it

creative office space in AustinGone are the days when businesses simply wanted to lease traditional office space complete with a reception area, private offices, boring cubicles, walls painted white, standard broad loom carpet, 9 foot ceilings, etc. These days leasing creative office space is the hot topic among software and technology companies. Everybody asks for it and wants it. But what is the definition of creative office space?

Creative Office Space Defined

  • Offices or warehouses converted to office space constructed with high exposed ceilings & open floor plans with a few offices and conference rooms.
  • Design features such as:
    • concrete or carpet tiled floors,
    • multipurpose rooms with movable walls,
    • colorful wall coverings and other such as red brick, sheet metal, or reclaimed wood,
    • exposed air conditioning ducts,
    • Natural & Led lighting,
    • modern furniture such as standing desks and workstations 
  • Wellness amenities such as fitness centers, yoga, bike storage, outdoor spaces, pet friendly
  • More expensive than traditional office space

Reasons Why Companies Want Creative Office Space

  • Create a welcoming environment and “Wow Factor” for visitors 
  • Promote a creative, collaborative, and spontaneous environment
  • Retain and attract top talent
  • Optimize space usage by having multipurpose rooms
  • Enhance company culture and employee mental health
  • Space that nourishes employees not drain them
  • Encourage social interaction, communication, and engagement among employees
  • Allows flexibility of where employees sit and how they work.
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